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Smart Telecommunications and Multi-Media Broadcasting Platform

Urban Broadcasting Company (UBC-TV Network), is a broadcasting multi-media company that is set to launch a new ‘urban lifestyle’ cable network that will be available in over 163 countries. UBC-TV Network is a producing network that will broadcast its own ‘UBC Originals’ consisting of news, entertainment, business, fashion, health and fitness, live concerts, sports including The Urban Basketball League and other lifestyle programs. Content will be distributed over multiple platforms such as cable, satellite, VOD, set-top-boxes, mobile, Livestream, On Demand, wireless devices, social media, radio and other platforms. UBC-TV’s has launched its Global Live Stream Channel where programming can be seen live and on demand worldwide. The success of any business venture starts at the beginning.

UBC-TV is prepared to reach this market, targeting men and women ages 14 to 55 years old by shedding light on cultural stories from a new perspective. UBC-TV’s type of programming provides a gateway to the fastest growing market segment in the US—multicultural consumers, entrepreneurs, millennials and the X Generation; a market segment that is known to watch 70% more television, video and utilizes technology more than all other markets. This group also watches content on various devices.  With a buying power of over $2 trillion dollars, this hyper growth community of over 70+ million people is the ideal gateway for brands to deliver their targeted message.

UBC-TV has secured distribution that will give it a national and international audience.  UBC-TV’s multi-platform approach to distribution includes streaming, live streaming, OTT, VOD, special branded events, radio and mobile with social media tie-ins that gives UBC-TV viewers, members and subscribers the opportunity to watch and engage with UBC-TV programming whenever they choose and how they choose.


UBC-TV has began to roll out its UBC Original signature programming and will expand its’ distribution in 2017 via content deals with ROKU and AMAZON PRIME and many other major distributors that will be announced in 2017 as  deals are completed. The current deals will give UBC-TV over 31 million subscribers nationally and internationally with more to come.

UBC-TV has created an international audience to over 40 countries that include: Canada, Russia, Columbia, Brazil, Argentina, France, UK, Spain, Morocco, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya,  Tanzania, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, Cyprus, Italy, Germany, Sweden, China, Uganda, Vietnam, Thailand, Netherlands, Malaysia and more.  UBC-TV is truly becoming a global network with content to reflect the Cultural Revolution!